UE 2004

How this legislation effects you and your children

Safer Roads?


Input was given and corroborated on this legislation from multiple people.

Lot of Change

This was the biggest shakeup in road traffic history.


Say hello to speed cameras. Whether you like them or not.


The results show for themselves.

What did or will the Road Traffic Act Achieve?

Safety - 80%

60% Complete

Clarification - 70%

60% Complete

Understandable - 75%

60% Complete

Effective - 60%

60% Complete

I would like to make it crystal clear here that all content on this page is my opinion and just that. This is how I interpret the law and what I think it does for our country and our roads. The act goes into and sets in stone a lot of items. I've summarised those here with bullet points.

The act finally puts together in one place all the clarifications needed for speed limits, the consequences for exceeding those set limits, both financial and deduction of penalty points, the required excemptions for emergency vehicles, obligation for a vehicle to be insured and the consequences if it's not.

  • Ordinary Speed Limits
  • Special Scenario Speed Limits (Built up areas, road works etc)
  • Offence and consequences of exceeding set limits
  • Amendments for dangerous driving (or as I like to see it - amendments to enforce good driving)
  • Setting penalty points for certain driving offences
  • Emergency vehicle excemptions
  • Adds an obligation to be insured on the road

I think it's very important for all driving instructors to teach this act to their students. If a student is learning to drive, it may not be enough to teach them how to just operate the vehicle. Any competetent school of motoring should teach their students the bad side, the rules they need to follow when out on the road (and when not) and the consequences for not doing so.


Below are either people I personally support or people that I think support this legislation, or both - be aware this is my opinion only.

Road Safety Authority
The Road Safety authority are the agency responsible for much of the road safety legislation and the reason we have less deaths on Irelands roads. Find them at RSA.ie

Safety 1st Driving School

Safety 1st Driving School offer automatic and manual lessons in the whole of Dublin. Call them on 01 903 8441

ADI Approved Driving Instructor
If you're learning to drive, you should only go with an ADI Approved instructor as these meet all the guidelines and will ensure you learn the right way. The ADI program is also part of the RSA.


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There are a lot more external resources you should checkout if you are interested in Road Safety Legislation

Checkout the Road Traffic Act 2004 over at the Irish Statute Book

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